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Mint Condition

"Our products are well maintained and are as good as new! We care about our products and our customers too, so we keep our products in mint condition."

Free relocation

"Worried about changing your house or even your city? We will help you to relocate and it's free!"

Free maintenance

"No need to worry about the maintenance or any technical issue. We are here to help you and it's free!"

Free Delivery

"We care about our customers, no matter if it's a delivery or a relocation or a swap it's free!"

Free Swap

"If you don't like the product at the time of delivery, you can return it right away—we will be happy to take it back & swap it for you and it’s free!."

Keep upgrading

"Looking for something new or bored to keep the old products? Change it! Contact us and we will help you out to upgrade."

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