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  • TR 32″ TV HD LED Smart
TR 32″ TV HD LED Smart

TR 32″ TV HD LED Smart

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An Internet-enabled TV set that includes free and paid streaming apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime and More. A smart TV eliminates the need for a separate set-top box such as Apple TV or More. However, if cable TV is desired, a cable set-top box is still required to connect to the TV.

  • • TR 32″ TV HD LED Smart

Also called a "connected TV," a smart TV may include a browser for general Web surfing and also be able to execute games and other applications. A QWERTY keyboard may be built into the remote control; however, some smart TVs allow tablet apps to work simultaneously with the TV to display the program guide, control the set and offer additional information.

Accessories showcased within the image are just a concept about the setup. These aren’t a part of the product unless specified. In the case of solid wood-based furniture, the wood grain might slightly vary from product to product. Intricate design or hand-paint may have a small variation between the 3D picture and therefore the actual product. In accordance with the various screen settings and resolutions, there could be a moment difference in fabric color and wood finish between the website images and therefore the actual product.

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